Serving Dodge and Cuming Counties in Nebraska.


Behind every front door...

 Behind every front door is a neighbor with a story.  Rebuilding Together, Platte Valley East, Inc. is launching our year-end campaign, Behind Every Front Door, by sharing how important our work is for neighbors struggling with unsafe housing.  Every neighbor we serve has a story of home.  But what happens when home becomes a dangerous place to be?   

Since 2007, thanks to donors like you, we have supported dozens of our neighbors - entering their homes and engaging in their stories - to help them stay in their homes and communities safely. 

In 2018 we were awarded a 4-year Rural Capacity Building grant from HUD to expand services to Cuming County. In order to continue our life-changing work in Cuming County and create more stories of hope, we need help from [Re]Builders like you. 

Will you support your neighbors this December by making a donation to help us reach our goal of $25,000.00? Every dollar donated in Cuming County by 

[Re] Builders like you is being generously matched by the Rupert Dunklau Foundation, doubling the impact of your donation!

Over the next few weeks, you can follow along here on our website or on Facebook, for more amazing stories of neighbors in your community.  Our work is far from over, but I hope these stories will inspire you to join the [Re]Build movement and support your community with a generous gift before year-end.

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Who Do We Help

At Rebuilding Together, we work hard every day to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe and healthy in their homes. Our clients must both own and reside in the home for which they are seeking assistance, and must commit to remain in their home. All clients must meet our income guidelines and provide the appropriate documentation. Currently we serve resident homeowners in Dodge and Cuming Counties in Nebraska.

The following video tells a homeowner's story.

how do we help


Safe and Healthy Housing

Safe and healthy housing protects vulnerable individuals and families from harmful exposures to a variety of health and safety hazards. It makes important contributions to health by reducing exposure to allergens, chemicals, molds, and moisture.  Safe housing helps to prevent falls, fires, and other home accidents. Safe and healthy housing promotes a sense of security and control and has many economic benefits to neighborhoods and communities.  


Modular Ramp Program

Our accessibility ramp program allows our clients to enter and exit their homes safely. Ramps improve mental and physical health by providing a sense of independence, the ability to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, and the opportunity to visit friends and neighbors. Ramps are also a great way to promote volunteerism and a sense of community pride as volunteers help their neighbors lead a more independent and enjoyable life. Rebuilding Together installs and maintains the ramp at the homes of qualified individuals and then removes the ramp when no longer needed for use at another home.


Critical Home Repairs

Critical home repairs may include: 

  * Roof replacement or repair.

  * Replacement of weak or unsafe floors and porches. 

  * Bathroom and kitchen repairs that enhance safety and      accessibility. 

  * Critical plumbing and electrical repairs.

  * A host of other situations that may result in unsafe or unhealthy      living conditions. 

Critical home repairs are assessed by utilizing a 25-point health and safety checklist developed in partnership between Rebuilding Together and the National Center for Safe and Healthy Housing and focuses on 8 key factors shown below.

How You Can Help

At Rebuilding Together, Platte Valley East, we provide repairs and modifications to the homes of our area's most vulnerable low-income homeowners.  The work begins with a house, but ends with giving our neighbors in need a hand-up towards hope for a happier, safer, and healthier future.  Will you consider helping us accomplish this goal? We cannot exist without the help of generous donors like you. There are also many volunteer opportunities available. Find out more my clicking here.

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